Trufuse Facet Procedure

Surgical spine fusions typically involve the placement of rods and screws in the spine to join two or more vertebrae. The surgery immobilizes the fused vertebrae to eliminate pain caused by instability.

TruFUSE is a uniquely designed tapered bone dowel used to address symptomatic back pain from a diseased facet joint. The TruFUSE minimally invasive procedure utilizes special instruments to insert the TruFUSE bone dowel between the facet joints to provide immediate stabilization and relief of pain. TruFUSE can be used either as a stand-alone procedure or as an adjunct to augment other fusion techniques and motion limiting products.

The best candidates for this procedure are those suffering from arthritic changes in the spine, typically middle-aged and elderly patients.  Dr. Stephen Rynick explains in this video.

Man having a migraine headache.