Lifelong Survivor: Kacey Marse

Thirty-four year-old Kacey Marse recently celebrated an anniversary – 17 years cancer-free.

Kacey was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was 7 years old. Her saga began with vision problems. That’s when she started seeing neurosurgeon Frank Culicchia, MD, who successfully removed the tumor in a series of operations.

“Kasey had a juvenile pylocytic astrocytoma, a low-grade tumor that is not as aggressive as other brain cancers, but still a cancer that can kill and disable. Kacey fought two relapses and underwent radiation and chemo. She is now disease-free,” Dr. Culicchia says.

Kacey insists the surgeries never scared her. The fact that she was able to undergo treatment at West Jefferson Medical Center with her family and
friends by her side made all the difference. For 21 years, Kacey’s been treated here at home, without ever having to travel out of town.

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