Acoustic Neuroma Recovery

Anthony Pastor Acoustic Neuroma Survivor Culicchia Neurological ClinicWhen Anthony Pastor lost his hearing in his right ear, he attributed it to wax buildup. A couple of years passed and then he started to lose his balance. Turned out he had a benign tumor behind his left ear. It was growing and needed to be removed. Neurotologist Moises Arriaga and Neurosurgeon Frank Culicchia of the CNC Hearing and Balance Center performed a sensitive, six hour operation to remove the tumor, called an Acoustic Neuroma.

Today, Mr. Pastor is back to doing the things he loves – gardening and enjoying New Orleans.

The CNC Hearing and Balance Center is recognized by the Acoustic Neuroma Association as a center of excellence. Drs. Culicchia, Arriaga and Radiation Oncologist Clay Gould, M.D. collaborate to offer including advanced skull based microsurgery including serial observation, surgery and cyber knife stereotactic radiation.

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