Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can repair spinal fractures. Many people enjoy long-term improvements – in mobility, restored vertebral body height, and reduced back pain.

Eighty-two year old Jo Anne B. tripped over a cat in the yard and immediately suffered excruciating pain. She was bedridden for three days before finally seeing Neurosurgeon Justin Owen at Culicchia Neurological Clinic’s Slidell office.

“The moment I saw her fracture on the films, I knew she was the perfect candidate for Kyphoplasty,” Dr. Owen said. He wasted no time getting her into surgery that afternoon. In a minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Owen inserted a single instrument into the vertebral space and basically cemented the fracture.

“I felt better immediately,” Ms. B. recalls. “I was back at work within two days. The pain was gone.”

In this video, Dr. Owen discusses the benefits of Kyphoplasty and who is best suited for the procedure.

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