Culicchia Physicians Join Cobalt Rehabilitation Medical Staff

Culicchia Neurologist Charles Fiore, MD has been appointed medical director of Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital of New Orleans effective Aug. 1.

In addition, Culicchia Clinic physicians will oversee and lead Cobalt’s inpatient rehab services with Dr. Fiore serving as medical director of the 60-bed state-of-the-science facility located at 3801 Bienville St. in the Mid-city area of New Orleans.

Additional Culicchia Neurological physicians joining the staff at Cobalt include Neurologists Kaveh Khoobehi M.D., Michael Puente M.D., Steven Atkins M.D., Lauren Sharret, M.D. and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician Andrea Toomer, M.D.

“Culicchia Neurological Clinic’s medical staff boasts a deep and unique expertise in neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation that will greatly benefit our patients.  Dr. Fiore is one of the region’s most experienced physicians when it comes to treating patients with traumatic brain injuries, concussion, Parkinson’s Disease and other disorders common among the patients at Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital,” said Scott Tranchina, Cobalt‘s Chief Executive Officer.  “Our patients will benefit from his expertise as Cobalt rapidly becomes a top choice for patients in need of rehabilitation care that prepares them for the next phase of their recovery.”

Dr. Charles Fiore is one of the few physicians in the region trained in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders such as neuropathies (disorders of the peripheral nerves), radiculopathies (pinched nerves in the neck or back that usually result in numbness or weakness and myopathies (acquired diseases of the muscles that can result in weakness).

“Cobalt’s facility offers many rehabilitation technologies that are unavailable in this area in an upscale, comfortable environment,” Dr. Fiore said.  “Cobalt’s clinical staff is highly skilled at utilizing innovative technologies such as Bioness L 200 and H 300 which are unique to this area and Louisiana’s only Zero-G anti-gravity system which means patients are receiving the therapies they need to rehabilitate their conditions.”

The Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital of New Orleans serves patients with a wide range of conditions such as stroke, trauma, hip fracture, brain injuries, concussions, orthopedic, Parkinson’s disease as well as many other inpatient and outpatient diagnoses. In addition to the brain injury and concussion program, the facility also features a Parkinson’s program,  private inpatient suites, as well as both inpatient and outpatient programs.

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