Neurosurgery for Serious Neck and Back Pain

Culicchia Neurological Clinic Neurosurgeon John Steck, MD treats patients suffering from debilitating back and neck pain beginning with a careful analysis of patient symptoms.

On the southshore of Lake Pontchartrain, Culicchia Neurosurgeon John Steck, MD treats patients with serious back and neck patients  at Culicchia Neurological Clinic at the West Jefferson Medical Center Physician Office building in Marrero.  Dr. Steck sees a lot of patients suffering from spine pain but that does not mean all of them need surgery. He is assisted by LaShon Maggio, PA-C.

“Most back pain is not treatable with surgery because most back pain would not respond positively to surgery,” said John Steck, MD.  “When the back pain is associated usually with some compression of the nervous system, that’s when surgery is often helpful and needed.”

According to John Steck, MD,  when pain is in the back of the neck, it may radiate down to the shoulder and down to the arm. If the pain is in the low back, the pain will often radiate down the leg and buttock.

“That patient may also have a neurologic problem such as numbness or weakness in the muscles that’s due to compression of the nervous system,” said John Steck, MD.  “Those are the patients that in general benefit from surgery.”



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