LSU Neuro-oncology Research Update

October 5, 2018 – Dr. Aaron Mammoser leads the Neuro-Oncology program at the LSU Neurosurgery Department in New Orleans. The neuro-oncologist is currently overseeing several research projects related to brain cancer.

Dr. Mammoser explained that LSU Neuro-Oncology New Orleans is one of a number of sites involved in a study of brain tumor patients in the South East United States to identify risk factors that may have predisposed them to developing their tumor. The study surveys possible factors such as environmental exposure, hereditary factors, lifestyle and more.

Currently, in the LSU Neuro-Oncology program there is a trial for recurrent Anaplastic Astrocytoma that has been open for about a year that compares a standard treatment to a combination of the standard treatment with an experimental drug to see if the addition of the experimental drug is more effective . “We have recently opened a trial for people with newly diagnosed Oligodendrogliomas, looking at two common treatment approaches to see which one is better. In addition to active treatment trials, we are also exploring quality-of-life issues for brain tumor patients. We currently have a trial open for brain cancer patients who have had radiation and are experiencing significant fatigue to try to find ways of mitigating that fatigue.”  The Neuro-Oncology program is always looking to add promising new trials to their clinical trials portfolio, including several opportunities that are currently being explored and may open in early 2019.

Anyone interested in determining their eligibility for participation in any of the studies should contact LSU Neuro-Oncology at LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery 2020 Gravier St., 7th Floor New Orleans, LA 70112. Phone: (504) 568-6123.

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