Microdiscectomy Relieves Sciatica

The November/December issue of Inside Northside Magazine features an article about Northshore Neurosurgeon Justin Owen and how he used a minimally invasive procedure called microdiscectomy to relieve a patient of severe sciatica.

Here is an excerpt:

Dr. Owen: As a young, active and fit man, this pain was debilitating for Mr. Smiroldo and preventing him from having a satisfactory quality of life. An MRI showed the presence of a ‘herniated disc’ in his back, which was visibly pinching the nerve that correlated to his pain. This made him an excellent candidate for surgery, and specifically, a minimally invasive microdiscectomy. This is an outpatient surgery (go home the same day of surgery) performed through a one-inch or smaller incision in the back. Risks of infection and blood loss are minimal. Relief is often instantaneous, and the most common ‘problem’ we encounter with this surgery is usually that patients are desperate to get back to everything they want to do sooner than we’re comfortable releasing them.

IN: Chris, how did you feel after?

Chris: After the procedure, the nerve pain pretty much disappeared immediately. It’s a great relief to know the procedure eliminated all of the nerve pain. I exercise regularly, as I always have, but I am aware that I’m not 25 anymore (now 47). I’m just trying to be smarter about it.

Dr. Justin Owen practices neurosurgery at Culicchia Neurological Clinic and sees patients in Slidell and Covington

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