Superion Vertiflex for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Linda of Metairie suffered with low back pain for years. At 74 years of age, the pain had worsened to the point that she could hardly stand up. It hurt to do everyday activities such as washing the dishes, cooking and enjoying time with her grandchildren.

Linda saw Interventional Pain Management Dr. Stephen Rynick  at  Culicchia Neurological Clinic.  First, Dr. Rynick tried treating  Linda’s pain conservatively with  epidural injections.  But Linda suffered from spinal stenosis, a serious back condition affecting millions of Americans over the age of 50. Lumbar spinal stenosis is caused by changes in the shape and size of the spinal canal as we age. It can continue to worsen over time. Spinal Stenosis is usually successfully treated with exercise, medication and injections.

Linda did not have adequate relief with conservative care.  Dr. Rynick decided that Linda would be a good candidate for a new procedure using Superion Vertiflex, a small device that is implanted in the spine to relieve pressure on the nerves that were causing Linda’s back pain.  Dr. Rynick implanted the Suerion device during a minimally invasive surgical procedure at West Jefferson Medical Center, adjacent to Culicchia Neurological Clinic’s Marerro office. Dr. Rynick implanted Superion using a small tube the size of a dime to reduce tissue damage and blood loss. “It’s a simple outpatient procedure with a rapid recovery time,” Dr. Rynick said. “In many cases, patients feel immediate relief.”

“It was amazing, ” Linda said after the procedure. “I could tell the difference immediately.  Before, I could barely stand up. I was hunched over in pain. Now, I’m back to enjoying my life.”

According to Dr. Stephen Rynick at Culicchia Neurological Clinic, symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis include:

  • Leg, buttock, and groin pain
  • Numbness, weakness, cramping, or stiffness in the legs, or buttocks
  • Difficulty walking or standing but experience relief in the seated or flexed position

Superion was developed to provide patients with a safe and effective alternative when conservative treatments fail.

If you have been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis or suffer from long-standing low back pain, call Culicchia Neurological Clinic for an appointment at 504-340-6976.



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