Mardi Gras Tips

Doctors Andrea Toomer and Shivani Gupta and Nurse Practitioner Danielle Alfortish traded in their physicians coats for Cleopatra costumes for Friday night’s Krewe of Cleopatra parade in uptown New Orleans.

The trio work side by side at Culicchia Neurological as key members of the rehabilitation team, caring for spine and brain injury patients. On Friday, the three “Cleos” rode on the same float on a night perfect for parading.  It was Dr. Gupta’s first Mardi Gras experience and especially exciting as a float rider.

They especially enjoyed throwing to all the families on the route.  “Mardi Gras offers a great bonding experience for families and friends,” Dr. Toomer said.  “Have fun, be safe and treat others on the route as you’d like to be treated.”  She offers these 3 tips for Mardi Gras revelers:

Be considerate.  Be mindful of others, especially those who are physically challenged or small.  Give a throw to someone who might not be in a position to catch it themselves.

Stretching is important. Whether you are throwing dozens and dozens of beads from a float or keeping your arms up for hours in hopes of snagging some throws, perform a few upper body stretches.  Give yourself a break between floats.  Mardi Gras shoulder is a real pain!

Moderation. Mardi Gras is a marathon, not a sprint!  If you are drinking alcohol remember to keep yourself hydrated and don’t overdo it.

Culicchia Neurological Clinic New Orleans Dr. Frank Culicchia