Red wine and some cheeses can trigger migraine headaches.

The stress of a pandemic can take a toll on all of us, especially those who suffer from migraine headaches. As we are all confined to our homes, it is easy to go off on our diets or indulge in a migraine trigger food.

In the words of New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, who counseled his team while talking about a different subject, “Don’t eat the cheese!”  Especially if it is aged or processed cheese – that’s a known migraine trigger. Cheddar, blue and swiss cheese contain an amino acid known to trigger headaches.

If you have suffered with migraine headaches for a while, then you probably know best what causes yours.   Meanwhile, it never hurts to review the list of migraine triggers and start a food diary to keep track.

The most common migraine triggers are red wine, salty and spicy foods, chocolate and monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG.

Go easy on processed meats like bologna,  salami and sausage. If you indulge in a glass of red wine,  alternate  with a glass of water to avoid dehydration. Most importantly, do not overdo it.

Stick to your usual eating schedule. Don’t skip a meal simply. Hunger has been known to trigger migraines in some patients.

If you do develop a migraine,  stop and address it immediately.  “Take your meds and let your doctor know if your migraine headaches are getting worse.  Especially so if they are accompanied by new symptoms such as a change of vision, numbness, tingling or nausea,” is the recommendation of the Neurological team at  Culicchia Neurological Clinic.

The Culicchia Neurologists are available via telemedicine to diagnose and treat migraine headaches.  Call us for an appointment.



Man having a migraine headache.Neck Painful - Cervical Spine Skeleton X-ray, 3D Illustration.