Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

In the video below, Allyson discusses pelvic floor dysfunction, an issue that can cause nagging back pain, incontinence and numbness in both men and women.

When people talk about low back pain, they typically think of one of three things: herniated disc or maybe a pulled muscle, or even maybe sciatica. But one thing that people don’t really talk about is the pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sits at the bottom of the pelvis. It helps support everything in our abdomen to make sure things don’t fall out.

When you have dysfunctional pelvic floor, it can cause low back pain that continues to nag. Some people even have numbness inside their leg, or they may even have difficulty with voiding. They may leak with coughing and sneezing. None of this is normal. The good news is this can be helped with physical therapy. So if you are having difficulty with low back pain or having those other symptoms such as leaking, we can help fix that with physical therapy.

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