Supporting Neuro-oncology Care

LSU Neurosurgery in New Orleans set a goal of raising funds to establish a chair in pediatric neuro-oncology so that children diagnosed with brain tumors don’t have to travel to major medical centers to receive the specialized care they need.

On Giving Tuesday, Culicchia Neurological is proud to support this goal of expanding brain cancer care in our region. You can support this Brain Tumor Initiative with a donation to the LSU Health Foundation.

The Kelsey Bradley Favrot Memorial Brain Tumor Initiative paved the way for significant expansion of neuro-oncology care by supporting the hiring of Neuro-oncologist Aaron Mammoser to the LSU Neurosurgery faculty. A chair in pediatric neuro-oncology is the next step in furthering neuro-oncology care in New Orleans.

On January 8th, 2008, Kelsey Favrot was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor known as Gliomatosis Cerebri. During the next 20 months, Kelsey underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy with courage, hope and grace. Unfortunately, she had to receive treatment out of town because none of the hospitals in New Orleans had a physician whose primary focus was neuro-oncology. The distance was a hardship for Kelsey, her family and friends, who would have preferred she remain in New Orleans for care so they could be at her side. Throughout her treatment, Kelsey expressed concern for those brain cancer patients unable to travel out of state, whether constrained by their illness or financial considerations. With characteristic determination, Kelsey began to explore ways to assist those who would face a brain cancer diagnosis in the future. Kelsey succumbed to brain cancer in August 2009.

Her family and friends established the Kelsey Bradley Favrot Neuro-Oncology Chair at LSU Neurosurgery New Orleans to provide comprehensive research and treatment for brain cancer patients.

Culicchia Neurological Clinic New Orleans Patient Mary Newton