Time is Brain When it Comes to Stroke

Culicchia Neurological’s Robert Dawson, MD has decades of experience using minimally invasive techniques to treat stroke patients.  The Interventional Neuroradiologist recently participated in a program on stroke with neurology specialists at LCMC hospitals in New Orleans.  He described the tremendous advances that have been made in the last 5 years to repair brain bleeds and hemorrhagic strokes. But, Dr. Dawson reminded viewers of the online program that a stroke patient must go to the emergency room asap to receive cutting-edge lifesaving treatment.

“As time went on and the industry got behind this, we developed better and better tools and now we have things like little baskets to pull the clot out, or aspiration catheters we can now put well out into the brain and suck the clot out and restore blood flow at a pretty rapid rate. The biggest thing remains, however, we can’t do it if you don’t come. So that is partly up to and the patient has to get here. [West Jefferson Medical Center and its certified stroke unit.] The EMS people have to let us know and our very well-trained team can get into the angiolab and affect therapies much more effectively than we even dreamed of five or 8 years ago.”

Dr. Dawson has an international reputation in the field of interventional neuroradiology, which uses state-of-the-art imaging and sophisticated catheterization tools to access the smallest vessels of the body to treat neurological disorders.  He advises patients to stop smoke and eat a healthy diet and always heed the warning signs of stroke:

• sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg, especially on one side
• sudden dizziness, confusion, loss of balance
• sudden blurred vision or loss of vision
• sudden, severe headache

At the first signs of stroke, call 9-1-1 and let the Culicchia Neurological team determine the best course of treatment.  Dr. Dawson sees patients at Culicchia Neurological’s Marrero office and operates at West Jefferson Medical Center. For appointments, click here or call 504-340-6976.