Leading the Way

Congratulations to 12 Culicchia Neurological physicians honored by Inside New Orleans Magazine for leading the way in the medical field.

A photo of Neurosurgeon and LSU Health New Orleans Department of Neurosurgery Chairman Frank Culicchia is featured on the front of the article. Congratulations to all of the physicians listed:

Dr. Steven Atkins (Neurology)

Dr. Frank Culicchia (Neurological Surgeon)

Dr. Robert Dawson (Neurology)

Dr. Charles Fiore (Neurology)

Dr. Shivani Gupta (Neurology)

Dr. David Khoobehi (Neurology)

Dr. Aaron Mammoser (Medical Oncology-LSU)

Dr. Anne Maxwell (Otolaryngology)

Dr. Michael Puente (Neurology)

Dr. John Steck (Neurological Surgeon)

Dr. Andrea Toomer (Pain Medicine)

Dr. Alan M. Weems (Neurological Surgeon)