Culicchia Neuro Inpatient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an important step in the recovery of patients suffering from a wide range of conditions such as stroke, traumatic injury, brain or spine injuries, concussions, orthopedic injuries, and severe medical illnesses. Culicchia Neurological provides inpatient rehabilitation services at the following facilities in the New Orleans area:

  • West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero
  • East Jefferson Medical Center in Metairie


From top, left: Drs. Michael Puente, Ronald Fiore, David Khoobehi, Andrea Toomer

Culicchia Neurological’s Rehabilitation team includes Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician Andrea Toomer and Neurologists Michael Puente, Ronald Fiore, and David Khoobehi. Patients can be very weak and debilitated after an acute hospital stay, whether it be related to an injury or a severe medical illness. These patients can then be admitted to a rehab facility where they have daily physical and occupational therapy and speech therapy is needed. The rehab team also includes rehab nurses and a case manager, and the team meets regularly to discuss patient progress with the goal of getting patients functional and home as soon as possible.

“A coordinated plan of therapy and rehabilitation can make a tremendous difference in the recovery of a patient following serious trauma or illness,” said Dr. Toomer. Our team works together with hospital medical staff to put patients on the path toward independence and an improved quality of life.”