Typist regains use of hand after Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy was just what Speed Typist Juliet Kirkland needed to regain the use of her left hand following complications stemming from treatment for a car accident.

At the time, Juliet worked for a company that relied on her top-notch typing skills. Her inability to use her left hand was a real challenge for her.

Culicchia Neurological Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Andrea Toomer treated Juliet for pain and movement disorders that severely restricted her use of her left hand. Dr. Toomer referred her to the clinic’s in-house Occupational Therapist, Rebecca Callais.

Rebecca used gentle heating modalities including paraffin as well as massage to increase blood flow to the muscles and fascia to improve motion and manage pain response. “I then utilized neuromotor facilitation techniques to promote normal, pain-free motions for the wrist and hand. We then applied these skills to gradually strengthen the hand including resistance bands, putty, and exercise tools within the clinic and with a supplemental home exercise program.  We always ended our sessions with some sort of functional “tie in” including dressing practice, typing practice, holding and manipulating items in hand including utensils, cups, etc..,” Rebecca recalled.

It worked. “Rebecca worked on my fine motor skills to the point where I was finally able to touch my index finger to my thumb after a few months and things got better from there,” Juliet said.

She fully regained the use of her left hand and fingers, something she never thought would happen.

“It was amazing,” Juliet said.



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