Career Profile: Medical Assistant

Culicchia Neurological physicians are supported by a team of Medical Assistants responsible for coordinating many of the details of our doctors’ practices. The clinic is currently taking applications for the Medical Assistant position.

Jennifer Allemand has been a Medical Assistant at Culicchia Neurological for 17 years. She works closely with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Andrea Toomer. Jennifer answered a few questions about her job below.

Q: What are your duties as a Medical Assistant?
I have many responsibilities. First and foremost is patient care. The patient’s needs are of the utmost importance. I manage Dr. Toomer’s clinic, prep charts and manage all incoming and outgoing calls. I make sure all testing ordered has authorization and are placed with the provider. Dr. Toomer has a very busy clinic and involves the treatment of spasticity movement disorders with toxin procedures. I make sure all authorizations are done for the medications and I am constantly in communication with specialty pharmacies and the patient to make sure medications are delivered on time.

Q: How often do you interact with physicians? And patients?
I interact with my physician and patients continuously on a daily basis in person and over the phone.

Q: What skills are required for the position?
Being able to multitask. Organization is key. So is the ability to communicate clearly with your provider and patients. Knowledge of EMR and strong computer skills are good too. I know every EMR is different but to have some kind of knowledge is nice to have.

Q: What is the most challenging?
Just make sure you are keeping your patients happy. We need to understand that some patients in our office are going through things some severe challenges. I try my best to make every single one of my patients happy with their care. My only other challenge would be making sure I have everything authorized and ready to go for testing and procedures. Staying on top of that can be quite challenging, especially with the number of patients Dr. Toomer is treating and we are growing by the day. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes this job can be stressful. However, Dr. Toomer is always reassuring me that I am doing a good job and that makes me feel better.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is specifically the “rehab” side of Dr. Toomer’s clinic. To know that I had a hand in making our patients’ lives a little better is just a great feeling. Knowing where they started and seeing them succeed and grow is very rewarding. I have never met any patient with the will and want to make their lives better the way they do.

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The Medical Assistant position requires an ability to multi-task, work independently, safely and efficiently.  Experience in a clinical setting with direct patient care in a high-volume medical practice and ability to use Epic medical records software is a plus. This position will report directly to the Clinical Manager and work hand in hand to assist and cover all aspects of clinical operation(s). Primary work location is at the main office located in Marerro on the West Jefferson Medical Center campus. Excellent benefits package, eight-hour shifts, weekends off, and competitive compensation. Certified MA is preferred Please send resume to