Brain Tumor
Second Opinion

Brain Tumor Second Opinion

When you receive a diagnosis of cancer, it’s not uncommon to get a second opinion.  To ensure the most effective treatment, an accurate diagnosis is essential. Your current doctor will frequently suggest a second opinion, if only to confirm the recommended course of action.

There are also many reasons why you may want to seek another opinion during the course of your cancer care. Not all Brain Tumors and Neurological cancers are the same. Having a secondary opinion from a Board Certified Neurosurgeon or Neuro-Oncologist can help to assure that your treatment plans are absolutely clear and the proper course of action. Whether you want expert confirmation, lack understanding or confidence in your treatment plan, have a rare or unusual type of cancer, or your cancer isn’t responding to current treatment — it’s reassuring to know that you have options through a second opinion.

A second opinion from the neuro-oncology team at Culicchia Neurological Clinic in New Orleans will provide you with a better understanding of your diagnosis, and can also shed new light on treatment options – giving you the confidence to proceed with your care. Advances in our understanding of Brain Tumors and Neuro-Oncological cancers have opened up new treatment options and clinical trial opportunities, including targeted drug therapies. Because physicians may differ in their approach to treating brain cancer, it’s very important to check with a Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology cancer expert to know you’re receiving the best treatment for you.

Requesting a Brain Tumor Second Opinion

To request a Neuro-Oncology second opinion from Culicchia Neurological Clinic, please complete  and sign the forms requesting the opinion, located on this page, and fax them back to our clinic. Once we have received your request for a second opinion, a representative of the Culicchia Neurological Neuro-Oncology team will contact you to discuss fees and the records and tests we need to properly evaluate your case.

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2nd Opinion Forms

Below are the forms required to begin your second opinion with Culicchia Neurological Clinic. Please download them, fill them out, and fax them back to our office at 504-349-6786.

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